Corona Firewall: Predict the Unseen, Then Test

Humble Proposal for how the world can save me, whom I love and every other Incredible Human

The plague is like FIRE and you are the WOOD, DISPERSE to the Mountains and the Agony will end!
Amr ibn al-As (Plague of Justinian, [541–542 AD, with recurrences until 750])

[Work still in Progress]

Introduction & Timeline

That was said after the plague which is a much deadlier disease in contrast to COVID-19 has killed 25,000 and 2 consecutive rulers in the 6th century Syria way before vaccines and drugs and this how they ended the pandimic

Back then they were able to stop the infection growth and that was more than a thousand and four hundred years ago using extreme distancing measures, fast forward today and just two months ago China did the same with an extreme measure that many around the world saw it as suppression; which is some sort, yes but the goal was so much greater than the suffering and yeah there might be a better way with less severity on communities under lockdown.

Strategy Framework TL;DR

China's Tracking Superpowers to the World Now! without turning into a Surveillance State

  • Fight the Ro
    • Universal Unified Case Schema
    • Continuous Tracking, Tracing, Prediction and Isloation
    • Combating Legacy Technologies
    • Prediction instead of Detection
  • Reducing the Impact Severity on the Community
  • Enforcing Continues Testing & Reporting Broadcasters
  • Boosting Capabilities by enabling a Universal Cases Blockchain "Sequenced Private Data-Silos":
    • Decision Makers
    • First Responders
    • Research Facilities
    • Machine Learning & Hackathons
  • Challenging the First Priciples & Sterotypes

Ro tells you the average number of people who will catch a disease from one contagious person. It specifically applies to a population of people who were previously free of infection and haven’t been vaccinated. If a disease has an R0 of 18, a person who has the disease will transmit it to an average of 18 other people, as long as no one has been vaccinated against it or is already immune to it in their community.

First Turn - Wuhan, China

Population: 1.386 billion

Second Turn - Western Countries was hit the most

Population: ~ 1.187 billion Europe + US + Canda + Iran

Here are some notable Trends, You can find all kinds of dashboards here

The Pandemic Scale over the course of just One Quarter

How the World Changed in just One Month

Total Number of Infections around the world Doubled 7 Days

Third Turn | Rest of the World

Population: ~ 5.225 billion

Given the challenges already in place in most of these countries and how we should be broadening our Vulnerability factor even more, and the growth rate of the current turn. We will go into more darkness when it comes to data and tracking so I will a blank section here imagination.

Problem Pillars


Our Communities

[Work in Progress] In a nutshell, we've to separate the vulnerable and start identifying who is and who is not.
We should also start broadening our vulnerability factors. How can a person with any sort of disability live through? who is at risk of being homeless? the homeless!! Those who have to walk every day for food and water!! Fatality by age


Data & Tracing

First Turn

China Capbabilities
  • Tens of Millions of Surverralance Cameras
  • Nation-wide Face Detection Capabilities
  • Real-time Tracing / Tracking Technologies
  • Massive Army of robots and drones
  • 1st Class Communication Infrastucture
  • Networks Data

Second Turn

Western Countries Capbabilities
  • Tens of Millions of Surveillance Cameras some countries yes, but the majority doesn't have as much Surveillance cameras as China
  • Nation-wide Face Detection Capabilities
  • Real-time Tracing / Tracking Technologies
  • Massive Army of robots and drones but can be acheived quickly
  • 1st Class Communication Infrastucture
  • Networks Data

Third Turn

Rest of the World Capbabilities
  • Tens of Millions of Surverralance Cameras
  • Nation-wide Face Detection Capabilities
  • Real-time Tracing / Tracking Technologies
  • Massive Army of robots and drones
  • 1st Class Moderate to Poor Communication Infrastucture
  • Networks Data

Health Systems

Community Neglect


Law Makers


Proposed Solution

Focus on & Fight Ro by Prediction outpace,
Detection divid & Isolation conquer
while reducing the Severity of Impact, Promoting Collaboration & Transparency



Is the only HOPE we have now Before it goes Dark

Available Toolset

+3.5 Billion Smart Phones1 worlwide equiped with:

Platforms (Android, iOS)
Cameras & Vision Sensors
Speakers & Other Sensors

Networks & Data:

3G, 4G & 5G
USSD Codes

Machine Learning & AI

Define the most Important Questions
Answer the most Important Questions
Define Patterns and Predict Early

Silverbullet Technologies

Open Source
3D Printing

How to & Scenarios

The New Type of Test\Survey

How to apply something at this scale and maximize the returns?

How to Comabt Legacy Technologies?

More details will be published soon

Wait, Is this Reliable enough to replace or enhance testing?
> Yes, of course.

> On the other hand, Can you test the Unseen! Now, tell me how can we manufacture nearly 8 Billion tests and distribute all over the world plus 2 Billion more to test against the comebacks? Let's start building on what we have.

Quick Application Prototype

This interactive Prototype is rapid concept for the app from the users in the !Vulnerable zone, View Prototype